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What We Do

We address marketing challenges with enterprise-wide solutions fortified by research and data-driven insights and technology. Our innovative, leading-edge technology partners help provide a seamless, cohesive and integrated approach to display, social (FBX), video and mobile marketing. Adaptive Audience does the work for you - aggregating the best technologies in the digital space to provide you with:

  • Significant increases in ROI across all digital platforms and media types
  • A simple, unified dashboard view of both the media marketplace and the online programs that you control
  • Superior optimization and agile performance with deep, meaningful insights
  • Maximized program performance through our Man + Machine equation
  • Precision targeted advertising across the entire digital media landscape
  • Optimized results in every phase of the customer purchase cycle
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How It Works

By converging data, technology and human knowledge, we create data-driven campaigns that result in maximum ROI. Adaptive Audience establishes powerful, insight-rich connections between advertisers and their audiences at scale in real time for several reasons:

  • We’re experts at what works and why in the programmatic landscape
  • We work under the premise that not all technology and inventory sources are created equal
  • Our experienced strategists, traders and analysts optimize your campaigns on the most granular level to drive the highest level of performance across all channels
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What We Deliver

  • Performance standards across all screens, media types, ad formats, targeting tactics, verticals, markets and segments
  • Programmatically optimized media buys and campaigns, resulting in the highest ROI possible
  • Audience Optimization Platform for real-time metrics and reports across all channels
  • Total performance transparency into your campaign investments
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Adaptive Audience Technology Stack

Adaptive Audience's proprietary technology and integrated best of breed marketing technology stack offers our clients instant access to the most robust and powerful marketing technologies in the industry.

  • Digital Media – See the performance of all your media channels in one place.
  • Audience – See all of your customer data in the form of our audience profiles.
  • Creative – See all of your creative messaging in context to your campaigns and audience profiles.
  • Competitors – See how your marketing efforts stack up against your top three competitors.
  • Optimizations – Get a full list of actionable recommendations to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI.
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Our Results

Adaptive Audience programs deliver incomparable results across verticals, campaign types and media channels. Take a look at our case studies to discover how effective our approach works across the multi-channel marketing landscape.

  • Retail: 30x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Ecommerce: 25% decrease in cost per conversion
  • CPG: 32% decrease in cost per coupon print
  • Lead Gen: 40% lift in lead volume
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