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Data activation across all screens and all publishers

Adaptive Audience drives significant increases in ROI across all digital platforms and media types. We provide expert guidance, strategy and optimizations that drive brand and campaign performance in:

Programmatic Buying
Integrated Campaigns Increase ROI

50 to 80% of your media budgets result in wasted impressions via fees and duplicative and inefficient targeting. Middlemen cannibalize your investments. Our Adaptive Audience platform eliminates waste by removing the middleman from the equation, eliminating unproductive targeting, and providing transparency. It’s time to take back control of your budgets and ROI.

In the digital advertising world today, marketers are faced with an overwhelming level of inventory and audience fragmentation. Each customer interaction happens on a different device, different media channel and at a different time during the lifecycle of brand engagement. Data is generated throughout each phase.

Programmatic buying helps bring order to this chaotic fragmentation. It enables you to consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels into a single dashboard, and then use that dashboard to develop a single, comprehensive strategy about how to best engage (and continue the conversation) with those audiences.

Along the way, it helps you use data to increase advertising effectiveness by assigning a value to every impression. That value is then used to ensure you don’t waste budget by advertising to prospects that will never have an interest in your brand, products or services. You benefit from:

  • Efficient precision buys employing audience-centric targeting, eliminating waste and duplication
  • Machine-based learning to help target and deliver
  • Transparency and visibility into delivered media
  • Quick and efficient scalability and access to over 650 million sites, and over 30 exchange inventory sources
  • Advanced and rich targeting strategy capabilities involving first- and third-party data
  • A turnkey platform that reaches your customers on any device

The rapidly expanding size and complexity of the digital marketing landscape necessitates an integrated approach. Marketing silos must be torn down; communications processes must be re-worked; long-held paradigms must be shattered. Established marketing practices need to evolve to meet the daunting challenges of the new marketing world. To properly respond to the great sophistication and expectation levels of the hyper-connected consumer, businesses need an integrated digital marketing solution.

By establishing a seamless online presence over web, social, and mobile, and communicating relevant messaging promoted via email and social, businesses can attract new prospects and stay connected with existing customers.

A 360-degree view of integrated campaigns allows for better:

  • Budget allocation
  • Benchmarks
  • Historical data

Our scale and transparency provides you with access to:

  • Public exchanges
  • Direct premium partners
  • Private exchange

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