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Trade Desk

We provide your clients with premium-level audience segmentation and usability services that perfectly compliment your trade desks targeting and DMP activation strategies.

Our team works behind the scenes to research, plan and deliver an audience segmentation plan with a full usability and testing roadmap to help you elevate your clients’ campaigns to the next level and fully deliver audience-driven marketing.

Our team can support your agency with audience-driven strategic planning that seamlessly integrates into your existing programmatic campaign builds.

In addition, we white label our Adaptive Audience User Interface so that the process is seamless to your client and your agency brand remains at the forefront of every client interaction.

Our experts are here to help you at every each and every phase by providing you with:

  • Pre-campaign consultation
  • Complete technology integration enabling your marketing dollar to work harder and smarter
  • Campaign optimization and insights
  • Our Audience Marketing Optimizer for real time reports across all channels for total performance transparency into your campaign investments
  • Brand safety, visibility and verification
  • Ongoing consultation
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